E-Mini Intra Day Mechanical System 10/11/16

Today the ES intra day system generated profits of $762.50.  There were 6 trades generated and all were Short Trades as this mechanical systems trades in the direction of a short term trend.  The Crude system generated over $1820.00 yesterday and gave back $520.00 today for a net of $1300.00 in two days.  The intra day system is a a proprietary  system which will be able to be followed on a trade along basis at either Striker or C2 in a week or so.  You may email me ( um@teachtalktrade.com) if you have any interest and of course follow along in the blog.

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2 New Momentum Signals Today

The Momentum system will be closing out of two shorts and going long today.  Each issue will be taking some profit.  There are currently 15 open positions as well, the majority of these positions are currently short.  In the Momentum Systems, you are either short or long in an issue as the system takes advantage of the momentum swings from overbought to oversold on a shorter time frame.

The Trend System generated 5 signals today but none of the issues qualified as the longer term moving average condition was  not in alignment.  What I am seeing in many of the current basket of issues traded in this system is that the longer term trend has flattened with no real bias to trade.  This being the case I will just sit on the sidelines and wait.

Below is one issue that will close out the short and go long today.


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