Empowering Traders

Mission Statement – Our mission is to empower traders with timely information to help on improving stock, futures, option and commodities portfolio results with systematic mechanical approaches through technical analysis. We help in accomplishing this with Access, Research and Feedback.

It is well known that human emotions can interfere with making sound decisions when managing stock and commodity market commitments. Teach Talk Trade has developed systematic trading approaches designed to remove the emotional factor from your trading decisions.

Mechanical Trading Approach

My goal is to help traders with understanding and implementing Systematic Mechanical Approaches.  Traders will learn how to use Long Term, Swing Trading and Intra Day Trading with multiple strategies.  I’ve been investing for over 25 years and wish to give back and share my experiences to empower traders with what I feel are the most effective methods I have used.  I help traders understand how my methods and mechanical systems work.  I help traders pick the methods and systems that fit their individual style. Finally, I take the trader into the live markets and show them how the methodologies work.

The methods I use are  simple. Even people with no trading background at all can learn to identify the set-ups. Once they learn the Core Signal Structure, I teach them how they can “filter” the signals to get a good idea as to what the effectiveness of a particular signal might be. It takes time and practice, but the training is designed to accelerate the learning curve and help each trader achieve their trading goals.

Traders come from all walks of life. If you’re currently a trader, perhaps you want to improve your trading systems and take the emotion out of trading as well as try to improve and be more consistent. Maybe you’re becoming discouraged by your trading losses and the dream of financial independence is slipping away.

Trading Planning and Strategy

I want to share my  trading knowledge and systematic mechanical techniques with you.
By using a combination of my Trading Methods that fit your trading style and personality, you will have better control over any emotional trading that you may be doing now.  There are many well-known hyped trading systems that were around when I began trading that are no longer in existence.


I will show you specific ways in which I overcame my mistakes and how you might be able to do the same.  You know, in trading, the only time we ever make a mistake is when we fail to learn from it. When we learn from our mistakes, they are called “lessons”.

If  you wish to trade with less emotion, and try to be more consistent and trade mechanically, then please contact me if you need more information.


Uncle Mike