Launch of TTT Trade Assistant for Ninjatrader & Metastock

I am please to announce the launch of my “NEW” Add On for Metastock  and Ninjatrader – TTT Trade Assistant -.  This Add On consist of Momentum, Reversal and Trend Systems for Swing and Intra Day Trading.

Let Uncle Mike’s time-tested  research help you “zero in” on the most profitable futures and securities, based on Momentum and Trend Systems.

Now you can benefit from the success of Trend and Momentum Oscillators with these highly selective trading systems— systems that select only those few securities with the highest profit potential.

Using the time-tested technology of Momentum and Trend indicators, I have created mechanical trading systems— systems that are simple, yet robust enough to be reliable across all types of stocks, in all types of market environments. These systems provides a high probability of reliable performance for the future, not just the past.

The Systems provided are  unique. There are explorers and scans to pinpoint the issues that have been profitable in the past.  You will learn how to  evolve with the market conditions, making it more reliable and more likely to produce profitable trades!

Not only are you able to subscribe to these systematic approaches as Add-Ons for Ninjatrader or Metastock, you are able to Join my “Inner Circle”. ( more on this group in a later post ).

Uncle Mike