The Inner Circle

The Inner CiInner Circlercle is a where I share my work and research in developing the Trading Systems.  You will receive monthly updates as to which issues I will be using for the Trend and Momentum (Mean Reversion) Systems.  You will also receive the trigger levels I use for each issue.  You will get access to Member’s Only Workshops where I will discuss  any of the systems I use as well as when and how I optimize each.  The Member’s will get advanced notice of what I am working on and have priority access to any indicators or systems prior to being offered to the general trading public.




When you are a part of the Inner Circle you will:

  • Receive emails when signals are generated on issues that Uncle Mike is following and/or trading
  • See first-hand the Research and Analysis that I do
  • Discounts on workshops
  • Free access to Member’s Only Monthly Workshops
  • Discuss issues you are interested in trading
  • Be invited to attend Live Market Sessions with Uncle Mike

I scan for the most promising issues to trade and then optimize trigger levels, if necessary, on a monthly basis. The issues and trigger levels will be posted in the member’s area and you do not need the Trend & Momentum Toolkit for this service but you will find it more helpful if you have it!

There will be videos and charts as necessary so you can easily follow along.

I host Workshop Sessions, trade ideas, advanced trading techniques for members and  discuss the mechanical systems, trigger levels, and how to best use the TTT Trend & Momentum Toolkit based upon your own personal trading style.

The Subscription is $79.00/month with no long term commitments.



for those who purchased the TTT Trend & Momentum Toolbox Metastock Add and/or  TTT Trend & Momentum Toolbox NinjaTrader

Subscribe   $59.00/month with no long term commitments.