Systematic Mechanical Systems

The development of my mechanical systems are put through back testing & walk forward analysis as well as a Monte Carlo analysis.  I develop my systems with robustness in mind.  The systems are geared towards trend following and mean reversion type systems.  Many systems are Curve Fit and have terrific looking equity curves only to fall apart going forward.  The optimization process is used to find clusters of performing parameters in order to construct the final inputs of any of my systems.


TTT NQ Multi – This trades the NQ and is a swing mean reversion trading system that tries to spot high probability reversal entry points.  The system does take long and short trades.  The system was developed to be traded indicies in a robust manner.

This is a subscription based trading system that can be traded through Striker for $75.00/month.

TTT CL Seing Master –


TTT Revert EMD 504


TTT YM Swing –

TTT Revert D





When you are a part of the Inner Circle you will:

  • Receive emails when signals are generated on issues that Uncle Mike is following and/or trading
  • See first-hand the Research and Analysis that I do
  • Discounts on workshops
  • Free access to Member’s Only Monthly Workshops
  • Discuss issues you are interested in trading
  • Be invited to attend Live Market Sessions with Uncle Mike

I scan for the most promising issues to trade and then optimize trigger levels, if necessary, on a monthly basis. The issues and trigger levels will be posted in the member’s area and you do not need the Trend & Momentum Toolkit for this service but you will find it more helpful if you have it!

There will be videos and charts as necessary so you can easily follow along.

I host Workshop Sessions, trade ideas, advanced trading techniques for members and  discuss the mechanical systems, trigger levels, and how to best use the TTT Trend & Momentum Toolkit based upon your own personal trading style.

The Subscription is $FREE