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TTT Trend & Momemtum Toolkit  –

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TTT Trend & Momentum Toolkit can be used for trading stocks, ETF’s, indicies, currencies and commodities on a Swing or Intra Day basis.  It is comprised of two main trading systems: Trend Systems and Momentum Systems. These are mechanical systematic approaches to trading the markets.

The TTT Trend Systems take advantage of established up or down trends while using a trailing ATR Stop and/or a more generous Moving Average stop.  You may be in these trades from a few days to months.

The TTT Momentum Systems take advantage of reversals using overbought and oversold signals.  You may also add a trend filter so to trade in sync with a larger moving average trend as well.  These trades can last from one day to several days and use an ATR stop or a percentage stop.

Both Trading Methods can be used in conjunction with each other to diversify and reduce risk.

Included is a Money Management Indicator that you adjust to your specific situation and is used in the Expert Advisor to position size each trade.  You adjust your account capital and risk tolerance and the position size is calculated for you with a suggested stop.

The TTT Trend Momentum Toolkit consist of: 3 Trend Systems, 5 Momentum Systems and corresponding  Indicators.  Also Included are the Explorers, System Test and Expert Advisors for each system. There are Optimization System Test and Templates included for each System.

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TTT Trend Momentum Toolkit :

Trend Systems:
     TTT 3 Amigos
     TTT Breakout
     TTT Trend Rocket

     Momentum Systems:

     TTT CMO3
     TTT FibCMO
     TTT SEO
     TTT AWE


All Systems come with an Explorer, System Test and Expert Adviser with Money Management & Position Sizing