New FREE Metastock Add On

I am excited to announce that Metastock will be launching a new update coming very soon and this update will have a couple of my Momentum Mechanical Systems included.

I will also be launching my Metastock NEW ADD ON as well as my NEW Paid Version- TTT Momentum & Trend Toolkit.  This toolkit has 8 fully developed trading systems included (3 Trend and 5 Momentum Systems).  These are mechanical systems that let you trade a systematic approach in trending and non trending markets.  By combining the two methodologies, you will be able to capture the following:  1) in a market that is trading in a range, the Momentum Systems will help capture profits from the ebb and flow, the mean reversion of prices, whereas the
Trend Systems will be stagnant or you will take small losses.  2) in a market that is trending, the Trend Systems will perform well whereas the Momentum Systems will be stagnant or you will take small losses.

A key to any trading system is the money management and position sizing and this Toolkit does employ a simple but robust money management component which can be viewed  in the Expert Advisor.

Watch for the upcoming Webinars detailing these systems…..

Yours in trading,


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