E-Mini Intra Day Mechanical System 10/11/16

Today the ES intra day system generated profits of $762.50.  There were 6 trades generated and all were Short Trades as this mechanical systems trades in the direction of a short term trend.  The Crude system generated over $1820.00 yesterday and gave back $520.00 today for a net of $1300.00 in two days.  The intra day system is a a proprietary  system which will be able to be followed on a trade along basis at either Striker or C2 in a week or so.  You may email me ( um@teachtalktrade.com) if you have any interest and of course follow along in the blog.

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2 New Momentum Signals Today

The Momentum system will be closing out of two shorts and going long today.  Each issue will be taking some profit.  There are currently 15 open positions as well, the majority of these positions are currently short.  In the Momentum Systems, you are either short or long in an issue as the system takes advantage of the momentum swings from overbought to oversold on a shorter time frame.

The Trend System generated 5 signals today but none of the issues qualified as the longer term moving average condition was  not in alignment.  What I am seeing in many of the current basket of issues traded in this system is that the longer term trend has flattened with no real bias to trade.  This being the case I will just sit on the sidelines and wait.

Below is one issue that will close out the short and go long today.


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New FREE Metastock Add On

I am excited to announce that Metastock will be launching a new update coming very soon and this update will have a couple of my Momentum Mechanical Systems included.

I will also be launching my Metastock NEW ADD ON as well as my NEW Paid Version- TTT Momentum & Trend Toolkit.  This toolkit has 8 fully developed trading systems included (3 Trend and 5 Momentum Systems).  These are mechanical systems that let you trade a systematic approach in trending and non trending markets.  By combining the two methodologies, you will be able to capture the following:  1) in a market that is trading in a range, the Momentum Systems will help capture profits from the ebb and flow, the mean reversion of prices, whereas the
Trend Systems will be stagnant or you will take small losses.  2) in a market that is trending, the Trend Systems will perform well whereas the Momentum Systems will be stagnant or you will take small losses.

A key to any trading system is the money management and position sizing and this Toolkit does employ a simple but robust money management component which can be viewed  in the Expert Advisor.

Watch for the upcoming Webinars detailing these systems…..

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E mini scalp trade using the TTT Trade Assistant for NinjaTrader

This was the second trade of the day on the ES using the TTT Trade Assistant for NinjaTrader. the first trade netted $100.00 and the second trade $200.00. These trades were with 1 contract traded and a stop of 5 ticks.  It is great when the trades go your way but both trades were taken with a good risk/reward ratio in mind, the first trade I was stopped out after I had moved my stop loss and the second trade hit the target.  It is important to follow a trade plan and then execute that plan without fear or greed.

es_scalp            Click Here for Video

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Quick Trade this Morning on the ES

This was  a quick trade on the ES this morning using a 3350 share chart. The initiation of the trade was the Morning Star Candlestick pattern and it was at a place where I could limit my stop to a tight stop of 4 tics.  Was showing a student that is trading a small account how to remove the emotion out of trading, limit your stop loss and trade in a relaxed manner.  He had a 5000 dollar account and was risking only 1% on this trade.

See Video

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Day Trading CL 11/11/15, 2 quick scalp trades

This is the Trend Rocket in action, it is a mechanical system that you can use on any time frame.  I was trading on a 2 minute chart for a couple of scalp trades since it was a Holiday and was not sitting down long at the computer trading.  The Trend Rocket is great for breakout trades.  For more information on my trading indicator packages with my mechanical systems, please visit my site www.teachtalktrade.com .  Video of live trade


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StoRsi Swing Trade aka “The Mechanical Monkey” in TSLA 11/10/15

This is a trade taken a few days ago in TSLA. This is an update and as of this morning the trade was going in my favor. I will exit this trade either when my stop loss is hit or the StoRsi hits the lower trigger level such that I will reverse my position.  This mechanical system takes the emotion out of trading with a simple set of rules to follow.  Visit my site for more information and listen to the short video on this trade.


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Trading one of my Mechanical Approaches on NLY

Using one of my favorite systematic approaches, this is an illustration on how one would trade this issue – NLY .  This is a momentum based approach where one extracts dollars out of the market on issues that oscillate back and forth.  This system reverses back and forth unless you are stopped out, it is a swing trading system where you enter orders at the open.  This type of trading lets the trader focus on research or your family or other activities during the day as you are not glued to the computer screen all day. See short explanation of this approach.  I have developed an Add On for NinjaTrader and Metastock for my approaches.  Please visit my site www.teachtalktrade.com for more information.



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Momentum Trade for 11/9/15 on ALXN

ALNX – I entered a long trade this morning based upon this issue triggering at the close on Friday.  It hit the lower trigger level to initiate a long position at the open this morning. I trade a basket of equities and futures using a systematic mechanical approach.  I have software an Add On for NinjaTrader and for Metatstock that features the indicator, and mechanical systems.   If you are interested in learning my mechanical approaches to the markets watch for my Webinar in the coming weeks.  Join my mailing list for details. Short Video on this trade



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